People behind the Festival

Our Festival committee is made up of a passionate bunch volunteers from around the Limestone Coast of South Australia. We are a non-profit organisation that rely on the support of our Partners, Friends and volunteers to make this great event happen each May.

Many long hours and hard work goes into creating our Festival each year. We are always looking for fun, creative, people to join!

If you are interested, please contact us: [email protected]

Simon Weston – Chairperson
Sophie Angus – Secretary
Anna Young – Treasurer

Kids Program
Nicole Lear
Cathy Schmidt

Music Program
Simon Weston

Literary Program
Miriam Williams

Visual Arts Program
Jacinta Jenkins
John Mossop

Communications Sub-Committee
Benedetta Rusconi
Cate Bell
Katie Moorhouse
Megan Downer

Program Creation
Natalie Burgess

Ian Lewis

Cathy Schmidt

Support crew
Vicki McDonald Burgess
Graham Adams
Rhett McDonald
Marg Muller
Kat Searcy

Streetscape Program
Harriet Mort
Cathy Schmidt

Honorary member
Lois Hodge