The Balnaves Foundation – John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Prize

The Balnaves Foundation have been generous sponsors of the John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Prize for many years. This year the prize money for the John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Prize is $12,000.The Balnaves Foundation is a private philanthropic organisation established in 2006 by Neil Balnaves AO to provide support to charitable enterprises across Australia.

Dispersing over $2.5 million annually, the Foundation supports eligible organisations that aim to create a better Australia through education, medicine and the arts with a focus on young people, the disadvantaged and Indigenous communities.

The Penola & District Community Bank

The Penola & District Community Bank is proud to support our customers, our community and our all local shareholders. Community banking is based on a “profit-with-purpose” model, which means our profits are returned directly to the community that has generated it. The Penola Branch has invested tens of thousands of dollars back into the Penola community every year since the branch opened in 2014.
The Bendigo Bank is the proud sponsor of the Bendigo Bank Kids Program, a cornerstone of the Arts Festival with the aim of providing an opportunity for all our community to be involved in the Arts.

Coonawarra Vignerons – Shenanigans

The Coonawarra Grape and Wine Incorporated (CGWI) has been a major sponsor of the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival for many years.

CGWI is a membership-based organisation representing the interests of grape growers and winemakers from the world-renowned Coonawarra wine region.

The CGWI are delighted to sponsor the Coonawarra Shenanigans: the major music event for the Festival. The Shenanigans are a perennial favourite offering an eclectic mix of established and up-and-coming bands, held at the Coonawarra Hall.

Our thanks to Country Arts SA who have generously sponsored the Co-Opera event for 2022. Co-Opera have been performing at our festival every year for over 25 years, only missing 2020 when Australia and most of the world were in lock-down.  We can once again look forward to another special evening of entertainment with these talented and dedicated performers.