2018 Program

True Flowers from This Painted World – Bellwether

An evening of film, music, food and wine influenced by oceans current and past.

Featuring Murray Paterson (The Dark Horses), Joel Silbersher (GOD), Ken Gormley (Cruel Sea & Headland), Brock Fitzgerald (Wolf and Cub), Les Dorahy, Luke Peacock (Halfway), Stephen Jones and Amanda Brown (The Go Betweens).

‘Award winning filmmaker Stephen L. Jones, Sound Artist Murray Paterson (with a PhD in surf culture), a live seven piece band with some of Australia’s finest musicians, food from the ocean by Tom Tilbury, wine from an ancient coastline by Bellwether. Our bravest event yet, a complete indulgence for ocean lovers. I can’t wait.” -Sue Bell, Bellwether wine maker

Fusing music with film, ‘True colours from this painted world’ brings together the genius of award winning filmmaker Stephen L. Jones, El Mar, Mi Alma (2012) with evocative surf, coastline footage of the Lennox/Byron coastline layered with guitar-based textures and spacious soundscape of talented songwriter Murray Paterson.

The musical collective to accompany the film includes well regarded musicians Murray Paterson, Joel Silbersher, Ken Gormley, Brock Fitzgerald, Les Dorahy, Luke Peacock, Stephen Jones and Amanda Brown. Food will be ‘from the ocean’ an ample supper prepared by Tom Tilbury from ‘Gather food and wine’, wines by Bellwether and craft beer from Robe Town brewery.

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Date: Sunday 20th May 2018, 8-11pm
Location: Bellwether, Glen Roy Shearing shed, 14183 Riddoch Hwy, Coonawarra.
Price: $150 pp


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