Catherine Martin Literary Award Winners

Grandma’s garden by Emma Stokes

10 -12yo Catherine Martin Literary Winner 2019

Down from the house perched on the hill, is grandma’s garden. Beyond the garden are sheep and vineyards. The sheep are of the type that is always up to some sort of mischief. Often they are caught eating the roses at the far end of the garden. The garden is a sheltered place, nestled in between a grove of red gums. A little gurgling stream flows into a pond there. Spring here is paradise, and it deserves every bit of its beauty, for it was a gloomy, unhappy place, after grandma had gone. It was alone and forgotten; an uncared for piece of land. As everyone was too sad to go into the once beautiful garden, it slowly fell into a terrible disrepair.

In grandma’s house there was a little round table that Bonnie and grandma used to sit at. At this table grandma told Bonnie beautiful tales of princesses and dragons that lived in castles made of gold and silver.

One day Bonnie was trudging down the lane, when the she cried out, “The table!”, and sprinted down the lane. Men in navy blue overalls were putting the table into a spotless white van to take it to the Leverton scrap metal factory. Bonnie and her best friend Lottie (who also had heard grandma’s wonderful tales) begged and begged to have the dear little round table. After much consideration and thought the men finally let them have it. Then Lottie had a bright idea. ”Let’s put the table in the garden!” Bonnie thought it a splendid idea and they soon set to work to put the garden right again. With much hard work and perseverance they finally triumphed.

Now the kookaburra laughs to see grandma’s fat grey tabby cat, Possum, trying to chase the elegant butterflies and having play fights with fluttering leaves. It’s the garden of dreams and freedom.

There are brilliant purple mint bushes, dainty pink wax flowers, golden wattle bushes and bright red bottle brushes that the two children play amongst all day long.

And as for the table, the two children decided to place it in the very centre of the garden. If they stay there long enough, they can hear grandma’s beautiful stories in the wind through the trees.

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