Catherine Martin Literary Award Winners

This is Australia by Jacob Robbie

16-18 yo Catherine Martin Literary Runner up 2019

On July 9th 2010, Alipate Elias was on a plane travelling to Sydney, Australia from Iraq. Alipate has managed to escape his country to start a new life in Sydney. When Alipate arrived in Australia he came by himself and was very poor and lived on the street, so he had to go and get a job. He got a job at a local fish and chip shop in Bondi.

Maverick Weller is a first-year apprentice builder, who loves surfing in his spare time. Maverick lives in Bondi because it is on the coast and had very good waves. Maverick lives with his parents and two siblings in a two-story house at Bondi.

On a beautiful Saturday morning in Bondi, Maverick decided to go for a surf because the swell was huge. Meanwhile Alipate decided to go for a swim before he had to work. The one thing Alipate was not aware of was the deadly rips at Bondi. When Maverick was on a gnarly barrel he could see out of the corner of his eye that a swimmer was struggling to stay afloat. So, he quickly paddled over there as fast as he could to try and save the swimmer. Maverick just got there in time to put him on his board and wait for the life guards to save the unknown man. Maverick decided to come back to shore and see who the man was, once Alipate was conscious he was able to communicate with the life guards and Maverick. Once Alipate said he was by himself Maverick went with him in the Ambulance so then he was not alone.

Once they arrived at the hospital, and Alipate got the all clear from the doctors Maverick offered Alipate a lift home.  Once they got back to Maverick’s house and Alipate had a shower. They started talking to each other to get to know each other better.

But Alipates response was, “I do not have a home”.

Maverick replied, “oh, do you want to stay at my house tonight?”.

“If it’s ok with your parents,” said Alipate.

“I’m sure they will not mind,” said Maverick.

Maverick asked Alipate, “where are you from?”.

Alipates reply was “Iraq”.

Then Maverick asked, “so what made you come to Australia then?”.

“I did not feel safe back home, so I escaped to a safer to place, to start a new life” said Alipate in reply.

“How come you did not feel safe,” asked Maverick worryingly.

“There is a big war over there, up to 100 people were getting slaughtered every day,” replied Alipate.

“Wow I can see why you escaped to a new country,” said Maverick

“Well you can stay here until you find a place to live,” Maverick said.

“Ok, thanks,” said Alipate.

“So, what are the living conditions like over in Iraq?” asked Maverick.

“They are horrible, there are people that walk around carrying guns, and the houses are like the size of one bedroom” said Alipate.

“Wow, it sounds like we have it easy here in Australia” said the surprised Maverick.

“Yea you guys have it easy here, we also had to find our own food” said Alipate.

“That would have been difficult,” replied Maverick.

“Yea it was, I hated it,” replied Alipate.

“My family are still over there, I managed to escape while they got stuck,” said Alipate.

“Wow that must make it really hard for you not knowing if they are safe or not,” replied Maverick.

“Yea it is I have hardly slept since coming here to Australia because all I do is think about them,” replied Alipate.

Alipate always has horrible flashbacks about his past life in Iraq, and about his family. He is struggling not knowing about his family.

Once Maverick knew information about life in Iraq he decided to start a campaign that was called “save the children from Iraq, make them feel safe”.

His campaign soon became worldwide and made Maverick one of the most talked about people in the country. He was all over the news and in every newspaper.

He was asked, “what made you start this campaign” by a news reporter.

His reply was, “When I saved a man from drowning, I got to know him better and found out that he was from Iraq, he also told me what the living conditions were, so I thought I would start this campaign. I was really touched by this, and this sparked me to help out other countries”.

“This has always been a passion of mine to help out other people in need”.

This campaign has already bought 100 children to Australia from Iraq and they have already started to live a happier life. The campaign has only been going for a month and has taken off. This campaign all started thanks to Alipate, saying what it is like to live in Israel.

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