Catherine Martin Literary Award Winners

The Australian Rex by Ben Hutchesson

13-15 yo Catherine Martin Literary Runner up 2019

I don’t remember that much of when I was a small pup. The only things I remember were sleeping, drinking, sleeping, playing, sleeping and of course sleeping. But I do remember what happens next. “Hello, I’m here to pick up a kelpie, my mate said this was the place.” The voice said.

“Oh yes come in, I have the little fella right here.” The next thing I remember is getting picked up and getting hand over to this strange human I never seen before. The human carried me a beast that let us go inside it. It was comfy, I think the beast didn’t mind us in it.

“Ok bud it’s just you and Dave.” I see a hole and something with little paws it looked like a dead lizard. I brought him to the rock in the beast. “What have you found?” Dave looks at little paw beast. “A T-Rex, the rex, rex maybe I should call you rex.” We stop at a House. A Dog that looked like me ran to the beast.

“Dave, did you get the kelpie?” Dave grabs me and carries me to the other human. “yep this is little rex. Do you think Tess will look after Rex as her own?” Tess looks at me and Dave puts me down next to her.

“Dave, Daku can you help me with the pipes again?” a voice shouted. Dave and Daku go to it. The voice must be the alpha.” Tess started to sniff me, then walked to her bed. Another human walks to me. “Dave your puppy looks so cute.” Just then I realised that the human sounded like the alpha. After a little while it was dark outside. I followed Dave around and he took me to my bed which was near Dave and the alpha’s bed. “Time to get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow.”

It was morning and I found out that the alphas name was ruby. She made me wear green stuff. “Now he looks like a cute little soldier.” Ruby says to Dave. Dave come over and pats me. I jump up and lick him. A couple of minutes later I played a game with a ball with Tess, but the others seem to have say a weird word. I think they have a bug in their mouth, I don’t like bugs I’m going to run away now. We then went to thins place by the beast. There were lots of humans there, small ones and big ones. I got scared though, lots of little ones were chasing me. Then all the humans being silent, maybe its nap time. The humans played this song to make them sleep. It was peaceful and so I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in Ruby’s arms. I looked around to find were Daku was I wanted to play with him again. He was with other people that looked like him, I think he is busy. I saw Dave next to ruby chatting to other humans.

Before I knew It, we were home, I heard a knock on the door, it was 3 kids. I heard something about a camp. I also found out that they were Ruby and Dave’s kids. They were named Jake, Bethanie and Zach. Daku and Tess was with the humans that looked like him. The 2 older humans of Dave and Ruby, seemed to hate each other. One had my food, it was my favourite even though I had it once. It was pedigree, I can read don’t judge me. The argument seemed to be about who was going to feed me. “Let me feed him, I’m the oldest.” The oldest one said.

“Well I’m smarter, you don’t even know what 2 + 2 is.” The other one replied.

“Of couse I do, its 4, I think.”

“Sometimes I wonder, if your even my brother.” I’m so hungry, I need to get their attention. I bark.

“Look we do the same amount of work for Daku, we are pretty much even.” The older said louder. I bark harder and louder.

They start fighting. My barks aren’t working. I got to try something else. How about this.


“Did he just talk.” The younger one said

“Wow I did.” They drop the food. “wow thanks.” I look up, there faces frozen. “did I do something wrong?”

“He is talking, how” the boy said.

The End, or is it.


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